Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow, now I feel famous ;)

A colleague here at the library reminded me that tommorrow be International "Talk Like a Pirate Day". I feel deeply ashamed that I had forgotten, however momentarily... so I cruised on over to the official website Talk Like a Pirate. And on the

Talk like a Pirate 2007 page, was an invitation to let the Pirate gang know how we planned to celebrate. So I took the liberty of emailing the webwench and tell about my blog.... not really expecting anything other than "Hey, that's cool"...

and instead I got included in the "Blog like a Pirate" links. Now how cool is that?

Would doing a little jig be unprofessional? Maybe I'll save it for when I'm off the desk.


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hippiechick said...

Hi Pirate Librarian,
Coffs Harbour City Library is planning a great "Pirate" week leading up to Talk like a pirate day in 2008. We will ask the children attending Storytime that week to dress-up like a pirate -- and the staff will too! We have pirate books to read, & a complete treasure chest of pirate craft for the kids to participate in. We might even have them "walk the plank" to get into the library. Looking forward to a fun week.